Tenancy and Hiring

We rent our studios and rehearsal spaces to professional artists and musicians mostly on a long term basis. Find out more about how to apply and view our tenancy agreements.

> Our tenancy and hiring terms

Studios/rehearsal spaces at KUNSTWERK KÖLN

What´s the rent like? 5,40 Euro Basic rent/month + 2,25 Euro extra charges. Here are three examples to give you an idea. Please note that on top of the monthly rent there is also a yearly membership fee.

1.Individual studio space 8 (20 sqm) 108 Euro Basic rent/month + 45 Euro extra charges (water/electricity/heating)

2. Individual studio space (40 sqm) 216 Euro Basic rent/month + 90 Euro extra charges (water/electricity/heating)

3. Individual studio space (60 sqm) 324 Euro Basic rent/month + 135 extra charges (water/electricity/heating)

> Application

Our exhibition space and event room (each 300m2) are both for hire as eventlocation on a daily or weekly basis. For more information click here: